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Kroger Rewards

Kroger Community Rewards®

It is time to re-register your Kroger Plus card with the Greene County Cosmos for the club to receive donation funds from Krogers for the upcoming year.

All you need to do is register your Kroger Plus Card online and every time your Plus card is swiped at Krogers when you make a purchase, money is donated to the club, which helps to keep our fees down.

Here’s how!

1. Go to www.krogercommunityrewards.com

2. Sign into your account (or follow the steps to create an account).

3. Find our organization. Type in either Greene County Cosmos or 81629 .

4. Click the circle next to “Greene County Cosmos.

5. Save selection. Once you press “Enroll”, you will be directed to your “Account Summary Screen”.

Your support is greatly appreciated.  Go Cosmos!

Donate With The United Way

United Way Donations

Every year the United Way campaigns to companies throughout the US for their support and the support of their employees.

Did you know you can choose for your donations and company matched donations to be directed to the Greene County Cosmos?  Its extremely easy!

When donating to the United Way, choose to donate to a local charity or cause. Search for the Greene County Cosmos or input our EIN: 20-8489507.

Be sure to check our upcoming events for special fundraising events like the car wash and dining out nights!