Greene County Cosmos

Club Fees

2023-2024 Season Club Fees

Age Groups

Required Fees*

Uniform Costs **

Field Size

Tournaments / Training Sessions (up to)

Boys/Girls - U9 & U10





Boys/Girls - U11 & U12





Boys/Girls U13 thru U14





Boys/Girls U15 thru U19 (Spring Only)




1 showcase 2 tournaments

Full refunds will be given to players who withdraw prior to the season starting (August/March)
Partial refunds may be considered under special circumstances and with approval from the board only

** All players will be required to play in their birth year age group. There will be some exceptions for players to play 1 year up such as siblings and if player development is more suited in an older age group. ALL play up requests MUST have board approval.

It is possible that some ages may be combined and younger players may play up in order to create a team

* Required fees include: Fall & Spring games, up to designated tournaments/and or training sessions based on chart above. Tournaments may require travel.

** Uniform Kits can generally be used for multiple years

Additional fees: Some teams may elect to play indoor during the winter months, or work with specific training programs in which players may choose to participate therefore additional fees per player split amongst players involved.

  • All players will be able to extend their uniform kit and purchase additional pieces if they wish beyond the required kit.
  • Cosmos spirit wear will be available for purchase for all players, family members, and friends.